Thursday, July 14, 2011

84. Visit Carter's Toy Museum

We're always looking for new play date ideas to do with the kids and last summer Stacy had suggested going to an old fashioned toy museum located in Zionsville. It didn't end up working out for us last summer. While helping me compile my bucket list Stacy suggested putting the museum on for an activity this summer. Thursday we completed number either four on the list, with a trip to Carter's Toy Museum.

Miss Arden had a doctor's appointment that morning, so Stacy was up and out early and beat us all there. It was a beautiful day and she sat outside feeding Arden while watching Bowen play and waiting for the rest of us to arrive.

Arden Simone

Once Julie, Angie and I arrived, there was still a little time before the museum opened, so we let the kids play on the front steps. I think we could have just let them play there and went home!

Bennett Walter

Graham...I think he's got the steps down pretty well

Bowen hanging out...

Jack monkeying around


Sadly this is where I will confess that all my pictures inside turned out I'm not posting them. Julie did get a couple good pictures of the boys that I'll share, but I'm really sad mine didn't turn out.

So inside the museum are some really cool old toys. We're talking old metal pedal cars, train cars, old kitchen sets, from my grandparent's era. There are cases and cases lining the walls of the three story building. I love looking at old toys, so I really liked the place. The little ones were not so impressed. Jack looked at some old train cars and some old cars and heavy equipment sets while Graham banged his head on the glass cases.

So we quickly headed to the basement of the place where they had bumper cars and old coin operated ride ons. Think back to the little three pony carousal outside of K-Mart when we were growing up. The kids really did have a good time down here. Lincoln, Charlotte, Bowen, Jack, Stacy, Julie and I even got a turn on the bumper cars, which was a blast. I think I would like to go here with out the kids and look around a little more. I wish my grandpa and dad would go with me...I'm sure they'd find all kinds of treasures!

Lincoln and Jack riding a jeep

Graham and Jack on a fire engine

Jack and I racing Bowen and Stacy on the bumper cars

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sticky Doorknobs

Sometimes you read or hear things and you know they are true, but you don't actually KNOW they are true until you experience an "ah-ha" moment for yourself. That happened to me today. I went to open our basement door and when I went to let go of the doorknob my hand stuck to it. Now my first reaction was to be upset with Jack for getting the doorknob all sticky while eating the giant sucker I bought, and I let him eat carrying around the house even though I knew it was broken and would fall apart. How dare that three year old get my doorknob all sticky with his grubby little wrist-roll hands? How dare he? Then my mind raced forward about 20 years...when I'm 54 and Jack is 23.. and there will be no more sticky doorknobs. No more sticky doorknobs. No more little people climbing into my lap. No more little arms wrapped around my legs. No more little feet running through the house. No more little hands getting things all sticky. My mind quickly went from being upset over the doorknob to being upset over the thought of my babies growing up and the finality of that. People always talk about how fast the young years slip away and to enjoy them while they are here. And while I have experienced how quickly time is passing us by, how final the baby years are has just dawned on me. So now instead of getting upset at the finger prints on the door, the food stuck to the floor, the snot wiped on my clothes...I will be happy with the little people that so freely give those gifts of love.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Likin' the Lake

Today we headed up to the lake to spend some time with Todd, Jen, Chloe, Anna, John and Karen. Todd and Jen are planning on spending a few days up here before coming back to Indy to fly out, but we're just staying one night. It's always so much fun to see the little cousins play and enjoy their time together. Funny how that's now how we big people enjoy our time together as well. I know John and Karen appreciate seeing their grown sons with their own children as well.
Karen picnicking with 2/3's of her grandchildren

Jason taking Graham for his first paddle

Playing in the sand box

Grandma enjoying an evening boat ride

Captain John

Anna on our sunset cruise

Grandma and Chloe

Ahh...feel the wind in your hair...

Is Jack driving the boat?!

NO!!! Hehehe...Grandpa is hiding back there!

Besides enjoying picnic dinners and sunset cruises around the lake, Grandpa is known to kick up a nice fire and fill the kids' bellies with s'mores right before bed. Seriously?! As a kid what more could you ask for?!

Chloe with her s'more

Mmmm...they are so good!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Party on 68th Street!

Poor Graham. He will always have to share his birthday with Memorial Day weekend...and living in Indianapolis, that also means the "big" Indianapolis 500 as well. Since his actual first birthday fell on race day, we held his party on Memorial Day. We decided to stay true to the holiday and hold a big cook out for friends and family.

Classic "party shot" of the backyard

Some of the kids enjoying lunch at Graham's new picnic table

I'm not sure how I'm going to manage two birthday parties in May. For Graham's birthday I didn't stress out about anything...but I felt like I didn't do anything for his party either. I forgot to get him a birthday cake on his birthday and didn't order one for his party, I didn't have any decorations or a theme...oh the poor "second kid". Never fear though...Angie came through for us. We decided to make Graham a "big top" cupcake and serve regular cupcakes to all the other guests. Auntie Jen actually made all the cupcakes for the party and did a wonderful job on Graham's big one.

Getting mad about not actually holding the cup cake

Hmm...can I eat this?

Oh! I CAN eat this!

Oh dear Lord Baby Jesus...

Needless to say, Graham LOVED the birthday cake! So much so...that I just left him in all his cake glory while we opened the presents. (Actually it was just so stinking hot, I was trying to race through presents so people could either leave or go inside to cool off!)

Everyone was sweating their butts off! Look at the sweat coming off Charlotte and Emma! This was the first birthday party we've thrown where it was hot and not cold and windy! We just can't win! But we gave the kids some popsicles and broke out one of Jack's new toys he got for his birthday...THE SLIP AND SLIDE!!!!

Charlotte and Emma

Lilly eating her popsicle

Strole Cousins: Hunter, Graham, Carter and Jack

Everyone was pretty excited to see the slip and slide come out! All the kids lined up and were ready to start sliding before they even got out of their clothes!

Lined up and ready to go!

Graham running across trying not to slip and fall!

Bennett chilling out at the finish line

It was so hot that even the adults got in on the fun. Clark (Charlotte, Lincoln and Bennett's dad), my mom and Angie lined up to race one another.
As you can clearly see...Clark has these ladies beat. He had splashed down before Mom or Angie even got to the slide!

And just as Clark was finishing, Angie is just starting! Everyone got a big kick out of seeing these "kids" take their turn.

The Slip and Slide was definitely the hit of the party as kids young and old got in on the action. I think that's what I love most about our friends and family...none of them ever really grow up.
Charis getting a turn

Bowen, Lincoln and Jack lining up to race

Clark and Mom tossed the kids down most of the day as they didn't quite
get the hang of how to slip and slide at the same time!

And even if one of us tries to grow up...someone is always there to remind you how to be a kid again...
Clark making me take a turn on the Slip and Slide

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Graham!

My baby turned one today! So happy and so sad at the same time. The last year has flown by and I only see time speeding up as the boys get bigger and we have more and more things we can do with them.

Jason's brother Todd and his family flew in last night. Jason and Todd decided to go to the Race today, so Jen, Karen and I took the kids to the Children's Museum to burn off some energy today. All the kids had a lot of fun, but since this is Graham's birthday, the pictures will focus mainly on him and all the fun he had!

I think this was one of the first times he's gotten out and been able to run around. That's the perks of having an auntie and Grandma with Mommy! I can chase him around and let Grandma focus on Jack! Anyway, I think he had a fun day...and that's all that matters!

Graham in the Dora and Diego exhibit

Climbing in Isla's garden

How is he an expert at steps already?!

Going down the slide...with cousin Anna right behind

Peek a boo!

Doing a little cooking in Playscape

He LOVED this rocking horse!

What the heck is this stuff?!

After Jason and Todd got home from the race everyone cooked out and let the kids play in the backyard. Jason and his dad put together Graham's big present from us, a Cozy Coupe car. Jack got a Power Wheels dune buggy from my parents and sister, so it was only fitting Graham got a car too!

Daddy putting together his car

Climbing the slide after Anna

Yeah, it's my birthday, I can go up the slide if I want...

I was pretty sad about the car actually. I did not want one with the big silly looking eyes on the front. I just wanted a normal looking car...but this is all I could find, so this is it.

Riding in his new car...

Although this is a much better way to get around...

With all the excitement of going to the parade, Jason's brother's family coming into town and the race, this awesome mom forgot to get a cake for her baby's first birthday. Never fear though...Jason's dad went to the local Dairy Queen and came back with an awesome ice cream cake. He really came through for us!

Grandpa did a great job picking out Graham's ice cream cake!

All in all I think Graham really enjoyed his special day filled with cousins, cake and cars. I mean, really. What more could a boy ask for?!

Mom! Everyone is singing to me!

Trying to touch the candle instead of blowing it out

"Man that shit was good...but I've got a massive brain freeze now!"